Saturday, October 20, 2018

1-to-1: Our First Weeks in Review

Our teachers spent the summer months awaiting the day their students would be able to use their Chromebooks for ANY lesson imaginable, not just ones they could schedule carts and labs around. Below secondary teachers reflect on the first few weeks being 1:1.

Colleen Hirn, HS English:

One of my favorite parts of all of my students having Chromebooks and Schoology is the ability to go paperless. While the positive environmental effects are part of this, it is mostly about streamlining my time and efforts with each unit. Every teacher knows how much time we typically spend at the copier machine and lugging massive folders of papers home to grade. When I create a new worksheet now, I create a digital worksheet in Google Docs, upload it to Schoology, and ultimately grade it in Schoology. No more fighting the copier machine (or forgetting to make copies all together...), and no more 300+ sheets of worksheets in my school bag and sprawled all over the couch. When you're a teacher, cutting back in little ways like this make all the difference in our stress levels!

Chris Van Savage, MS Math:

My classroom now has the ability to use technology daily, no more trying to get computer carts or computer labs in advance! Students can self-pace with video notes, small groups can have individual help and advanced students can try challenging IXL problems all at the same time in the classroom. Students are comfortable with Chromebooks, and I am getting there also. In math, having the ability to use a math practice program daily (IXL) with at home practice encouraged, is really helping content understanding.

Amy Avery, HS Math:

I am using less paper in my classroom. I am using a math program called ALEKS. It gives the students immediate feedback on their work. I am able to target students who are struggling faster an am able to spend more one on one time with them. I use Schoology to post notes and hard copies. I am starting to use it to post YouTube instructional videos in my Algebra 1, Part 1 class. This will be helpful for students who are absent. I love using technology in my room. It has made me a better teacher.

Ashley Whitaker, MS SPED/English:

I am really glad we have gone 1:1 this year. So far my classroom has changed for the better because I am able to incorporate technology in my lessons easier than before. Prior to going 1:1, I had to be put on a lab schedule, or borrow Chromebooks, or borrow a laptop cart and return it the same day. Now that each student has a Chromebook, my lessons can span over the course of several days. Also, the availability of Chromebooks has allowed for more learning opportunities compared to last May when Chromebooks and laptops were simply used to play Quizizz or Kahoot as a quiz/test review.

Going 1:1 has put me in a different mindset to take risks and expand on what we already teach in 7th grade. One of the first things I did was create a Google Slides lesson on plot. This is something that I wanted to do in previous years, but with limited Chromebook/laptop accessibility, I was not motivated. I am happy to say the lesson went very well and the students were able to receive immediate feedback from me as they worked. I am now really interested in researching ways to flip the classroom to give the students more power and responsibility for their own learning.

Going 1:1 has had a positive impact on my students. They are willing to work when the Chromebook is involved. With the use of the Chromebooks, they also are able and willing to have private discussions with me regarding their work. I have found that they love feedback and are willing to go back revise their work, which helps the overall learning process. I am interested to see how the year progresses with 1:1 and how much the kids grow and learn as a result. 

Christy Major, HS Social Studies:

My classroom is still changing. I'm working to find a balance between technology, keeping students engaged, and hand writing necessary stuff (I'm old school like that). What I do like is that I can post all notes that we do in class in one place and the students can supplement my notes with their own notes and definitions.
One difference I've notice since going 1:1 is that I use so much less paper! I love not having to copy the notes. Everything is posted. 
Because we are now 1:1, I'm trying (TRYING) to not control every little thing with what we do. In other words, I'm trying to allow the technology to serve as a mediator between me and the students. For example, I give them an assignment and not try to micromanage every little thing. I trust that they can show their learning.   

Chris Martin, MS Math: 

I would say the my class has changed for the better in a way that it does make the students more excited to do the work.

As far as what does my classroom look like now versus last year; I would say they are very similar. The difference being that the students/parents have more opportunities to get the information and take it home with the Chromebooks. This is also an extreme positive!

I have tried to take some risks by putting more of my information out to parents.

Ashley Unger, HS Art:

We use Schoology daily in art 2, 3, 4, & 5. I even have our daily agenda powerpoint uploaded to the front page of each class, so they have access to whatever we are doing in the studio EVEN WHEN THEY ARE ABSENT! The ease and accessibility have genuinely changed the dynamic of the art studio at the high school. Bell-ringers, discussion boards, project assignments, my studio rubrics, peer responses; My students are actively engaged in the learning process every step of the way. It is user-friendly for myself and the students. Schoology has been a ray of pure sunshine.

The hard and time-consuming is definitely on the front-end. However, if you make a rubric in Resources based on specific criteria, all you need to do in the future assignments is add that exact rubric from Resources into the assignment. When you are assessing student work, you simply click on the points the student earned, and Schoology totals it up for you AND when you Save Changes, it INSTANTLY transfers into PowerSchool.

Amy Henry, MS English:

I used Schoology to set up a reading discussion board for my students. They are able to share what they are reading about and respond to each other. I also join in on the fun and discuss what I am reading. I monitor their posts, but let them really have time to discuss the topics of their books.

Google Forms is making tests quicker to grade! I no longer have to use a scantron machine or have printed papers. If you release the students' scores, you can send them their email account. No paper, less clutter!

Lynn Jones, MS Social Studies:

I have found that the Chromebooks have enhanced my classroom. At first, there were some problems, but those are becoming less as the students help work through them. At first, struggling students were using all their energy on just maneuvering within the Chromebook. I have seen growth in almost all the students in this area. I balance the use of the Chromebook with many other activities, assignments, and games. The students are rising to the occasion and becoming quite proficient at Chromebook use.

Kate Garrett, HS Social Studies: 

The one-to-one Chromebook initiative has resulted in a positive shift for my classroom! The students have been more engaged with assignments and have the ability to access classroom materials with a "click of the mouse." The implementation of Schoology and Google Classroom have been great in allowing students to extend their classroom experience at home. With full access, students are able to complete aspects of the curriculum more efficiently. One of the biggest risks I have taken is allowing the students to take more ownership in aspects of their learning. There are many online resources for students to access that enrich the content and go beyond textbook learning. I believe the implementation of technology has promoted my students to use more higher order and critical thinking skills through online enrichment activities and projects.

We are so proud of our CHPS colleagues! Feel free to reach out to any one of us if you have questions or need some inspiration! 

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